Medspa Business Webinars
To Combat The Coronavirus

Global Medspa Association is committed to providing medspas and spa business strategies to help you minimize disruption from the coronavirus.

On this page you’ll discover several webinars geared with effective strategies to help you manage and plan your recovery.

Have questions? Feel free to reserve a Success Planning Session, and a coach can help you navigate through this difficult, but temporary time.

Coronavirus medspa and spa business webinars to minimize description and help you with the recovery plan.
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Protect your Business!

Implement the Best Business Model to Secure Success Against Any Future Disruption

Gain insight as to how to protect your business by implementing structure and strategies that will help your business survive and thrive no matter what. You deserve HAPPINESS & PROSPERITY.

You’re invited to join us for the book gathering with Dori!

We will be going over the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Watch Part 1

The book gatherings will be every Thursday at 4pm EST. Join us and gain inspiration, motivation, & implementation.

We go live weekly to discuss the book and answer your questions.

Join us on Zoom, Instagram or Facebook. Take your pick and let’s gather together to share knowledge, have fun and make lifestyle improvements.

We’re Also Giving Out Rewards Weekly!

Overcoming 10 Obstacles that Could be Blocking Your Success

Are you ready for some Success Stories from colleagues like you instead of all the negativity that is surrounding us now?

I invited 5 Mastermind Members to join us. You will hear and see how they overcame obstacles and how they’ve reached their success.


  • Inspiring success stories from mastermind members
  • Overcoming the 10 obstacles that block your success
  • Essential success practices and principles
  • Charting a path to a bright future
  • Getting started

A Book Gathering with Dori!

If you already have my book, great!

If you don’t go to Amazon or Kindle and buy it for only $1 and let’s start reading!

Part 1 – Watch Now
Part 2 – Watch Now
Part 3 – Watch Now
Part 4 – Watch Now
Part 5 – Watch Now

Time to get inspired and motivated!

Join and meet up with Stephen Handisides and Dori Soukup as they discuss how to thrive, even now.

Some of what you’ll discover:

  • Why and how to innovate
  • What drives innovation
  • The importance of adaptability
  • Flexibility and driving change
  • How implementation equals success

6 Steps to Gaining Followers & Converting Them Into Clients

Do you want to increase your social media followers and make more money?

Receive Social media tips from expert injector Shelby Miller and 7-figure business advisor Dori Soukup. Shelby has over 85K followers on Instagram!

Discover how to:

  • Gain and maintain followers
  • What to post
  • Choose the proper #s
  • Convert followers into clients
  • Create your brand

5 Steps to Magnifying Your
Positioning & Influence

Since the beginning of the outbreak we immediately launched the M.A.P.S. Navigating series to help you minimize business disruption and create a recovery plan.

How To Launch
Successful Webinars to Help Your Business

Want to generate new leads, improve your positioning and generate revenue?

Webinars are a great platform to reach hundreds of people at once and share with them your message, your support, and your expertise.

Webinars help keep your client base engaged, reach new prospects, and convert attendees into clients so you can help them!

Some of what you will learn:

  • Why webinars?
  • Your audience, positioning & message
  • Choosing your webinar theme and topics
  • Structure – presentation, offer & CTA
  • Pre & post webinar marketing

How to Tap into Online
Revenue with Consultations

Join Dori Soukup as she shares new ways to generate sales online by implementing the W.E.D.A.R.E. System.
Mastermind members who implemented this system are making thousands of dollars online, you can too!

Steps to Maximizing Your
Aesthetic Department Performance

Do you know how much revenue your aestheticians are leaving on the table?
Discover how to maximize your revenue through treatment recommendations and home care.

Learn how to maximize revenue and enhance the guest experience through your aesthetic department!


  • Revenue potential from the aesthetic department
  • Strategies to maximizing revenue
  • Selecting the ideal team
  • Advanced clinical and business education
  • Menu, protocols and tools needed
  • Recommendation system
  • Rewards & continued success

Managing Financial Responsibilities

Dori had a special guest, Ken Jorgenson from Carr Healthcare Realty, join her. They discussed how to manage this temporary disruption and plan a good recovery from this crisis.

Some of the discussion was about how to handle your current lease, your equipment loans, and how you can generate revenue now.

Medspa Insurance Guidelines, Tele-Medicine, & The Coronavirus

The webinar was a discussion between Ed Kuhn and Dori that dove into business insurance.

Many questions were answered regarding telemedicine.

If you are thinking about starting a new venture with telemedicine and need help with structuring it and getting it set up, both Ed and Dori can help you.

What You Need to Know Regarding Medical Spa Employment Law & the Coronavirus

Join Dori Soukup and two legal experts, Allyson Avila & Christine Sensenig, to help answer questions and provide you with an update on the new employment laws.

How To Manage Business Disruption

View this webinar and discover the M.A.P.S. System to combat the coronavirus effect.

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