About the GMA

A note from the founder & president – Dori Soukup

For the past two decades, I have dedicated myself and my business to the success of spa and medi spa professionals all over the world. Through my worldwide traveling, I had a chance to see firsthand the business challenges many professionals were experiencing on a daily basis. The problem-solver in me came up with an effective business model; many businesses have implemented and benefited from it.

As founder and CEO of InSPAration Management, my team of experts and I help medi spa owners achieve success and experience exponential growth. The hard work we applied, the innovation we came up with, and the perfection of the systems we provided for decades helped us build a multi-million-dollar business as well as help valued clients experience exponential growth.

During the first few weeks of the chaos that the Coronavirus was causing, I was sitting on my balcony overlooking the ocean. I was writing in my journal my thoughts of what was going on. Thoughts kept pouring out of me saying, “I need to do something to help.”

People are counting on my firm to help them through this difficult time. I knew I had to do something. I had to apply my years of experience to help the industry that is so good to me. But how can I help? How can I reach so many people? How can I give the answers to what they need to do now, how to minimize disruption, and how to navigate through this storm called Coronavirus and come out alive instead of bankrupt?

The problem-solver in me came out. I decided to launch Global MedSpa Association (GMA) to help everyone with industry unity, education, and growth. These are business solutions at no cost through this nonprofit association.

The GMA is designed to offer complimentary business advice to those who care about their business and who are seeking a recovery plan and other business solutions and support.

Though the association is being created because of this pandemic, our goal is to keep building the community way beyond this challenge.

This site is still under construction